Based in New York City, USA, Genesis is the leader of personal electric mobility. Our suite of alternative transportation options will revolutionize the way you travel. As the world transitions from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions, Genesis leads the way in designing innovative new modes of mobility.

Whether you prefer to pedal, glide, or carve across the concrete, we guarantee that you’ll find your voice in one of our battery-powered longboards, hoverboards, electric scooters, or e-bikes. Featured in various models and colors, and foldable to carrying size, never again will you be stuck circling the lot in search of parking.

Genesis products free you from the drudgery of the daily commute. Avoid the standstill traffic and clouds of fumes, parking meters, and the tickets that follow. Join the electric personal transportation movement. Join Genesis.

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Tread light with HoverKicks—the LED light up shoes for kids and adults!

We’re revolutionizing the way you walk. Stand out from the crowd and make every step count. You want the ultimate in style and comfort, and with HoverKicks, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We’ve taken the blueprint for light-up sneakers, torn it up, and started from scratch—from the sole up, HoverKicks’ sneakers are the most exciting addition to footwear design and innovation of recent times.

Whether you’re looking for a bold fashion statement, or an understated light-up sneaker, there’s a HoverKicks design for you. Unlike the LED light-up footwear of yesteryear, our cutting-edge sneakers light up the whole sole rather than just the heel.

What’s more, our modern twist on a nineties fashion icon are USB-rechargeable, meaning that once the HoverKicks light is in your life, you don’t have to watch it walk away!

HoverKicks is a NYC based company.

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Explore the world around you in a way that you never dreamed possible and experience the liberty of a life without gravity with Hoverdrone360. with a sense of adventure and a healthy dose of imagination, the sky’s the limit! at Hoverdrone360, we push the envelope of innovation and stretch the limits of unmanned flight, with both style and functionality central to everything that we do at Hoverdrone360, we set out with one thing in mind: to provide a completely unique aerial adventure that will take your breath away!

What we’ve achieved through extensive research, development and our cutting-edge manufacturing process is a window to another domain—one of opportunity and adventure that can only be experienced from the air—a place where anybody and everybody can take off and feel the magic of absolute freedom.

We’ve delivered the fresh and exciting Hoverdrone360 ranger that can be piloted with the flick of the wrist, allowing you to see the world through new eyes. capture everything awe-inspiring that you can see with stunning high-definition photography and videography which you can share with your earthbound family and friends!

Excitement and adventure are calling your name. answer them with hoverdrone360!

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